the light to bind the dark
the gold to hold and chain
the dark to yet remain

one on high to check the tide
one in mist, a curse, a twist
one below to keep the flow

two together make a tether
one alone breaks back and bone
pick a side, mothers chide
and leave your mark upon the ark

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A city of lavish architecture and extensive history in Russia, the new government reclaimed St. Petersburg as their main city in the Lazarev District. With the Neva River flowing gently through, St. Petersburg is bustling with all walks – and kinds – of life. A resurgence of culture came with a boom in population as the former walls of the Celestial regime were removed, allowing people to move freely once more. The embankments are adorned with granite, giving onlookers a marvelous view of the ships that pass by on the river.

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Northwest of Moscow, Tver is an old city that gained an uptick in tourism due to the establishment of their Arts and Culture district. Three rivers meet in Tver, the most notable being the Volga River that divides it by the northern and southern parts. Tver’s location between these three rivers keeps it warm with high humidity during the summer, but snowy and cold during the winter. For tourists interested in the fine and performing arts, there is no better place to visit. Even a circus is situated near the embankment, keeping citizens entertained during the spring, summer, and autumn months.

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Northeast of Moscow, Yaroslavl sits at the confluence of both the Volga and Kotorosol rivers. It is a small, quaint city; not as busy as St. Petersburg or Tver, the slower pace of living allows the idyllic “countryside”, as the locals dub it, to be better enjoyed. Assumption Cathedral has remained untouched and unmarred by the violence of the former government, bringing in tourists and the religious year round. Located in the Eastern European Plain, Yaroslavl offers a swath of coniferous forests in addition to a large swamp to the south. Far from the hustle and bustle of places like Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, and covered in so much green, the rural style of living enjoyed by residents have made them the butt of mean-spirited jokes: if you come from Yaroslavl, you are nothing more than derevénshchina—an uneducated country bumpkin.

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Vetergrad is an unusually quiet town several miles west of Tver. Formerly known for their wind and wheat mills, this town of gentle rolling hills has recently gained a new reputation—as the location of a small obelisk wood. Demons, believed to be drawn to an unseen power emanating from the obelisks, have taken fondly to the area, settling in houses among the hills in increasing numbers. Between two tall maples in the urban center sits a grand cathedral, renovated into a tiny demon-run café (to much controversy and protest of the local Faithful). Violent crime in Vetergrad is surprisingly low despite the number of demons and their cambion living there; it is believed to be the result of a high number of Loyalists who leave the demons be—and the local demons seem content enough to corrupt humanity in subtler ways, as long as they're left alone.

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The First Premier decreed that Moscow would once again rise as the capital of the country. It was quickly returned to its former glory as an industrialized metropolis and economic powerhouse. Revitalization efforts were centralized around the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square before gradually spreading outward. As a result, the distinct onion domes of Moscow's cathedrals and complexes overlook pristine neighborhoods and business districts, while poorer neighborhoods further away continue to wait for assistance. This city has known devastation and its streets are soaked with the memory of bloodshed despite the successful reconstruction. But as the main United Loyalist stronghold, evangelic crime and rebel protest are both heavily suppressed. Harmony is a police-enforced policy.

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These miles of run-down apartment complexes, local shops, and barren parks did not always exist. They blossomed in the shadow of the black mountain Pandemonium, inhabited first and foremost by the demons themselves. It was only during the period of evangelic suppression that the demon city began to give way to humans, and only after the earthquake that demons slowly began to reclaim it. Human residents have long been broken by their demon neighbors, who have lived among them for over 50 years. Even the efforts of the Kremlin to 'save' the City Limits have failed. The roads are riddled with pot holes, streetcars are unable to pass through, poverty is as rampant as crime, and hope has all but left. In an effort to curb undesirable behavior and crime, a strict curfew is in place throughout the city: go home by 10 o'clock, for your own good.

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Those who had no choice but to remain after the devastation of the earthquake call Vozrozhdeniya the City of Rebirth. Ever since one-third of the land was swallowed into Demon's Maw, Vozro is more a large town than a city, but the name has stuck. The seemingly bottomless pit sits behind chain link fencing, cutting off the humans and angels on one side from the humans and demons that inhabit the other. It's common to see the fence torn open, with demons filtering through to the nearby Erebus Memorial, a reminder of the hundreds of innocents lost at the bottom of the chasm. Humanitarian efforts from the Guardians of Eden and international aid groups have kept the spirits of the people from failing, but they've done little to end the tension between human and non-human neighbors. Many faithful have settled here, thinking it to be a small slice of peace in a sea of divine turmoil, but the poetic beauty of a people reborn from the ashes of war hides beneath it a vehement struggle for resources, space, and opportunity.

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Situated on a large swath of flatland beside the Volga River are the wastes of Akeldama. Inconspicuous signs warning of 'federally protected land' have led many a young Russian to believe sensitive ecosystems and endangered wildlife live beyond. Akeldama is, in reality, the location of the Shadowlands and the Black Well, birthplace of demons and the taint that contaminated Samara several miles upriver. Three trailers dot the horizon where sun-beaten grass turns to grey soot and black weeds—the temporary homes and workstations of angel field technicians and government researchers. Their wooden sentinels mark the transition between safety and peril. But there is peaceful respite to be found in the silence of the outskirts, despite the danger further within, if one can only ignore the falling ashes and absence of life.

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The life of Samara's citizens had always been intrinsically linked to the Volga River. To the north: trade, travel, and work. To the south: recreation. Dependence on the river led to their demise, as no one noticed the thin curls of black in the river's depths until the clinics were filled to bursting with the critically ill. Now the city stands a shell of its former self. Archangels Michael and Raphael, dispatched by Heaven to intervene and halt the spread, were able to purify the water – but not before it soaked into the soil and corrupted the land. Now an evacuated, quarantined, and closed city, only the authorized are allowed entrance at manned checkpoints. This has not stopped curious urban explorers, determined looters, or crafty journalists from attempting to sneak inside…

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Established as the I.T. capital of Russia during the Celestial Regime, Nizhny Novgorod is the technological powerhouse of the United Russian Federation, bringing foreign investors trickling back into the country. Skyscrapers with fluorescent billboards illuminate the city at night, making it the brightest spot on the Volga river. Shops crammed full with newer, fancier tech are all tightly pressed against each other, desperate for a sale. The demise of the Celestials meant fewer regulations about what could be imported into the country, which seemingly revitalized the economy overnight. Nizhegorodians razed Celestial Moon’s Luster Capitol and made sure no one sat on a throne in their city again.

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No city has benefitted more from the war and destruction of Russia than the industrial powerhouse Belgrov. Shipbuilding, steel production, and the manufacture of machinery are its biggest industries, supporting not only its own booming growth but the growth of Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, and Vozro. Every bridge in the country, every railroad track, every cellphone, every computer—each can trace an integral component back to a factory or plant in Belgrov. The city is a hotbed of Chariot activity; most evangelics have already been purged from the vicinity, and identified demi-humans struggle to find well-paying work or are intimidated into skipping town. Several incidences of mass panic have been reported in the past year. Rumors of a prophecy from God, a second apocalypse, and sightings of a barefoot angel with four wings…

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A tranquil city established in the far east of Russia, Kazan sits on the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers. The Premier carved the city into one of neutrality – when revolution came, it unexpectedly became home to many loyalists and government sympathizers. Undergoing complete renovation, Kazan has now become the ‘true’ capitol of the United Russian Federation, because even the Premier knows she cannot capture both the Moscow Kremlin and the hearts of the muscovites in one fell swoop. National sports tournaments and competitions are hosted in the Kazan Amphitheatre, and talks of opening the borders to allow international championships have begun. Notably, many consulates are located in Kazan as the Premier works to reassure other nations that Russia no longer has an “evangelical problem”.

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